Wednesday, April 28

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Monday, March 22

David Plays "Animal" By Miike Snow

Just a normal day...

Friday, March 19

SxSW Memories Pt 2

March 19th – (SXSW, Austin)

This was one of the most fun days of SxSW. Our only show for the day was at 1pm and was at Fort Fader. It’s an off site venue that is literally a huuuugggee fort filled with tons of Southern Comfort. Seriously, barrels of it. Because we were the first band to play we actually got a sound check, which I found more and more to be a rarity SxSW. The guy who was running our show was apparently Stevie Wonder's drummer which was only slightly blowing my mind the entire time we were there. After our show we went and hit up some free swag that they had at Fort Fader. One of the great parts about being an artist and playing at SxSW is all the free stuff that everyone tries to give you. For the most part it’s pretty lame stuff that’d you never really want to use but this was some leegggiiiitttt swag. Ray Bans and Levi’s. Yeah, it was fucking tight. It was pretty smart on their part though cause then all the artists that play there will be walking advertisements for them. The next few hours just consisted of us hanging out at Fort Fader and talking with all the other artists back stage, eating Pasticcios, beef jerky and drinking waaayy to much SoCo. Shaun even talked to Taylor Hanson(!) because he was in a band called Tinted Windows that were playing some time after us (I didn’t think they were good at all but that’s just my opinion so I encourage everyone to make that decision for them selves After watching Late of the Pier for the second time in two days, and they were still amazing, a couple of us decided to head off to go wander around the rest of the festival.

I ended up seeing M. Ward, Janelle Monae (who was fucking amazing! and who at certain points I actually considered that she might not be a human but actually a robot), hung out with Perez Hilton for a bit (which was fun but reeeeeaaaaallllly weird because literally every couple of minutes people would come up to him and get their picture taken with him. I imagine it would get really old really quick but he didn’t seem to mind all that much), and Big Boi. Yup Big Boi. Probably my high-lite of the whole festival. Luke and I pushed our way up to the front so we had a clear view of him and just rapped along for about an hour. When Bombs Over Baghdad hit I literally thought I was going to puke the bass was so intense. Then i went back to the hotel and did. Just Kidding...

- David

Wednesday, March 17

SxSW Memories

All the hubbub about SxSW this year made really jealous of all the people that get to go because it was sooo much fun last year. Since i'm not going i went back and read some stuff i wrote about our adventures in Austin last year and i thought i'd share some with you all. So here you go!

(March 18th, 2009 SXSW Austin, Maggie Mae's and Dirty Dogs)

Our first morning of SxSW, we went and had breakfast at Denny’s (which was surprisingly better than any Denny's i'd had before) where I found a plastic green token that had a shamrock on one side and said “good luck” on the other. I took this as a good sign and kept it with me the whole of SxSW. The first show was a Maggie Mae’s, which had a three level stage and provided some interesting playing and staging ideas. And by interesting I mean weird and difficult but still really fun. Right after we finished our first show we grabbed our gear and carried it two blocks down to the Dirty Dog for our next show later that day. We had a good chunk of time between load in and when the show actually started so we wandered around 6th st for the next couple hours taking in all the sights and insanity.

We ended up seeing two bands that we were all really excited to see, Ladyhawke and Late of the Pier. We saw Ladyhawke at Stubbs (which was an awesome out door venue with a huge stage and good food. Mettalica ended up playing there at some point though none of us cared to go) and Late of the Pier at La Zona Rosa (which was also awesome). La Zona Rosa was in my top three venues at SxSW. It feels like a huge dimly lit dance club that actually has two stages so there is barely any time between bands. We had to run back from Late of the Pier so we could make sure we made it back to our own show in time. It ended up being packed and may have been one of, if not, our best show of SxSW. Sleep came about 20 seconds after I hit the bed that night.

- David

Tuesday, March 16

The Joneses!

There's a rumor going around that if you see this movie, there will be a special reward for you in the form of... Well, in the form of the Ponytail video will be playing in the background! As one of those "Cool Things" the Joneses try to sell you. We can neither confirm nor deny this with our own peepers (also known as eyes), but it is what we are lead to believe. And we will be watching it with baited breath. The closest we have been to Demi Moore. JK we hang out all the time!

Saturday, March 13


finally!!!! a vampire movie that i can relate to...

- David

Friday, March 12

Luke Loves Justin Bieber

He loves everyone and on this day it was all about Justin!!! He didn't take a nap and he was very emotional LOL he had never done this before!!

Wednesday, March 10


You all gave me amazing suggestions! Please meet Tobey Maguire and Doug, my desk guardians. And while you're at it, please meet Tobey Maguire and Doug:

Tuesday, March 9

Do u feel like getting annihilated by SOLOz?

Maddness! Prince's touring band circa 1987.

p.s. This is our 500th post!!! Wooooowwwwwww!

Thursday, March 4

The 1st album i ever bought.

I'm pretty sure this was the first album i ever bought...

So, what was your first album you ever bought and do you still listen to it now? Cause i sure don't (though there was a brief drive while on tour that we listened to one of his albums in it's entirety and it wasn't half bad)

- David

P.S. i'll post my number two and three soon, just no making fun, k?