Friday, May 2

<3 (European Double-Scoop Ice Cream Cone)

Hey Best Friends,
Last weekend we played our first show in FOREVER! At Whitman College in WALLA WALLA WASHINGTON!

We had lots of fun. There were old friends and new friends and free food and balloons. And beautiful weather! I wished I had brought shorts just so I could have worn them and said “Ha, I’m wearing shorts.” But by the time we got back to Seattle I would have regretted that. Anyway, the census says we are all very happy to be out playing shows again after all that workin’. Someone came to each of our houses and asked us all and we all said “yes, I’m very happy.”

Liam Downey Jr. is taking a class on Pacific Northwest history, so he was pretty excited to go visit the site of the WHITMAN MASSACRE. He told us all about it. I vaguely remember learning about that in Washington State history in 8th grade. It cost money to actually go inside the premises and we needed to get back on the road, but it looked pretty cool. Also there was a cow living nearby that had a spot shaped like a perfect star. I don’t know how that happened, but it was amazing!

Saturday we’re playing at Whitworth University! Then VERA HOMECOMING SHOW! Please come hang out, say hi, dance, sing, do the truffle-shuffle. We can’t wait to see you!
(((((You don’t have to do the truffle-shuffle, we’ll let you in anyway.)))))


MJ May 9, 2008 at 9:41 PM  

Yea! The town so nice they named it twice! Holla Walla Walla! Wacka Wacka! You gotta play Tri-Cities some time.

...Im from the Least side myself and when I was in elementary school we would take field trips to the Whitman Mission. It is interesting, though very, very creepy at times. Especially the weird wax figures and employees.

I'm glad you all had fun on the other side of the state. So many Seattle bands never consider the other side of the state (albeit a red state) and the people over there miss out on a lot of great live music.