Sunday, June 8

Cat Statues and Super Soakers

OMGGG I think I am allergic to cats. That makes two of us in the band (David and I). I almost wrote "Me and David" like "Me + Yr Daughter." Except that one's conscious purposeful incorrect grammar as indicated by the sarcastic use of "+" and "yr". White people love grammar. JK internet grammar has taken over. It's more fun.

NEwai, just a little update: We're hard at work preparing for our upcoming shows (Capitol Hill Block Party and TOURRRR!), and we're super excited for all that summer has in store. More dates will be added soon! Can't wait to see everyone! It's going to be so much fun like never before. Claire has a new keyboard. I can't tell you what it is. You'll just have to come and FIND OUT. Claire also has a funny story about her sister meeting Natalie Portman. The real one. Ask her about it sometime.

ALSO: I know I've been telling some people that we were going to have shirts up online a few weeks ago, but now we'll finally have a really really limited batch of our official hand symbol "triangle diamond" shirts on a cool teal shirt. Some of you guys already have it if you've been at one of our shows. Lucky cats. Those should be available here and on our myspace Monday ASAP.

It's almost only a month until GLISTENING PLEASURE will be released. SUPER JAZZED! Get pumped! Details soooon.

Alrightttt, party on coolies. Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Michael Cera and Jane (of SloMoTagTeam fame). Stay cool.
Stephane Sednaoui