Sunday, June 15


Hey everyone!

Today is June 15th and that means there is only one month until our debut album "Glistening Pleasure" will be released upon the world! It's already storming up the college radio charts and soon it'll be storming into your hearts! (That was cheesy, I know).

You can pre-order our album by clicking here:

Plus if you're one of the first 500 people to pre-order, you get a totally rad secret surprise signed poster 4 free! U can't beat that, my friends. The official tracklist is as follows:

1. Me + Yr Daughter
2. Slow Motion Tag Team
3. Iceage Babeland
4. Mouth Full of Bones
5. Holding Hands in the Shower
6. L.A. Noir
7. Staying Cool
8. Bedroom Costume
9. Hush Hush
10. Beard Lust
11. Sophisticated Side Ponytail
12. The Malibu Highlife
13. Confections

For our Seattle friends, we're working on an "appearance" (shall we say), at a certain record store in town. You'll be able to get yr hands on our record and get the sweet poster in person. Maybe even more than that... Details soon.

More good news: we're going to be KEXP's Song of the Day this Friday the 20th! We're super excited about that. We love u KEXP! If you haven't already,

Subscribe to the KEXP Song of the Day podcast with iTunes here:

Or subscribe to the KEXP Song of the Day podcast with another service here:

Or download from the KEXP Blog on Friday here:

Thanks for everything. You guys are the coolest. Mark your calendars for JULY 15th!!!



Sherri June 17, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

I just received an advance of the disc and I have to say I think you guys are great. What a fun album!

I was searching to find you on MySpace and came across your blog and thought I'd let you know how much I dig Glistening Pleasure.

Nice work!