Thursday, September 25


Hey cool kids. We just got back from our mini Cali tour a few days ago and it was completely amazing. California kids are the coolest (I should know because I am one originally. Uh yeauh suckaz). But seriously, it was so good to finally see everyone... well not everyone, but we'll be back ya hear! Real soon. The energy at these shows was off the chain. I expect big things from you guys in the 4ture.

First I'd like to tell you guys about our major accomplishment. We watched the entire first season of the O.C. in the van on the trip. That was like 27 episodes in 5 car days. In our last day of the trip we powered out and drove from Sacramento to Seattle, cramming in 12 episodes of the O.C., half of Atonement (the DVD stopped working), a little of Jimi Hendrix at Isle of Wight, and a good few hours of Halo 3. (Huge props to our drivers Brian and Nick!). See, I had never watched the O.C. when it was on TV--I thought it was some dumb teen soap opera-- but SNAP, I fell in love. It is so good!

TV on the Car Ride
Here is us watching the O.C. at dusk as we pass Mt. Shasta. So much beauty.

Anyway, we're working on some more shows soon soon (we certainly haven't forgotten about you, Seattle). Some new tunes are brewing. Things are great. You guys are great.

For a PHOTO SAFARI through our latest tour, please head over to our flickr set:

Stay rad. We'll be seeing a lot more of you soon.