Thursday, October 30

I want my MTVM

Have you heard? MTV launched this new site called MTV Music... hmm I thought that's what the 'M' in MTV stood for. Of course we all know what MTV has turned into these days sadly and that extra M in MTVM is far from redundant (but I do luv watching me sum Hills), but it's cool to have a place to access pretty much every MTV music video ever. Oh, wait... don't we have YouTube for that? Still, I think this is pretty cool. I looks a lot nicer than u2b, and is a lot easier to find your video fix. PLUS you can watch Pop Up Videos. Remember that???? Good 4 classique vids like Blondie's "Rapture" in Pop Up Video form...

Or how bout a little full version of THRILLER for the halloween spirit!!!!! oooooooooh!