Sunday, October 5

Who is going to Weezer?

We are going to see the Weez this Saturday! It is no secret that the NPSH clan is big fans of some =w= rock.

We are totally jazzed. Who's joining the party???

We were lucky enough to play with Weezer at their hootenany in Seattle a few months ago. It was pretty much one of the best experiences of our young lives.

David took this picture of Rivers! He was sitting/rocking out so close to him!

Real signatures!

Exciteddd. See you there cool peeps.

///LUKE & NPSH\\\


Devin C. October 11, 2008 at 12:58 PM  

aw man! i want to go so bad but i don't have a ticket. maybe if i show the ticketmaster my bedroom costume they'll let me in for free :/