Sunday, November 23


Devyn from New Jersey has been selected for the 2/∞ IN-DEPTH NPSH FAN PROFILE. She was chosen by our powerful AI algorithm that crawls myspace looking for white mustaches.

Here is an mp3 of Devyn playing Iceage Babeland on solo bass in an echanted forest glade where samurais duel. You can download it here.

NP Who are you / what should we know about you?
DM i am devyn manibo and i greatly appreciate mustaches, unicorns and bacon.

NP Why do you like / kinda like NPSH?
DM i like NPSH because they're cool as hell, and they're more fun than puppies and kittens playing in a rainbow with dinosaurs and chocolate pudding ... and i think they should play here more often.

NP What else do you like / kinda like?
DM i like cookies, i kinda like making cookies .... perhaps you'd like me to make some for you one day? matt and kim approve of them, so, i'm SURE they're good.

NP Are you a musician / what do you play?
DM YEAH! i play bass!

NP What is your best subject?
DM my best subject is macrobiology. hellz yesssss, and i don't even like science.

NP What do you want to be when you grow up?
DM well, for like a week i wanted to be a lawyer, but of course, that would take up too much time in my life, and i'd never get to see NPSH ever again, so i've settled with perhaps going into the music industry ... yeahh.

NP Is NPSH a good influence on your peers / parents?
DM yes, definitely. my momma LOVEZZZZZ NPSH.

NP Describe an ideal day spent with any member of NPSH.
DM uhh ... it would probably involve spending quality time with ALL MEMBERS OF NPSH in a pink kitchen with tacky wallpaper, and we would wear mustaches and bake cupcakes, then a magical unicorn would come through the window and we would feed it cupcakes, then we would turn into unicorns and fly to the magical unicorn and cupcake land located in an undisclosed location in the sky somewhere ... and we'd try not to get hit by airplanes ... and we'd have a large rainbow umbrella so we don't get wet if it were to start raining on us. oh, and there would be an abundance of fringed sleeve shirts when we got to the magic land, when we turned back into humans ... but i don't know if i would want to turn back into a human because unicorns are amazing, but the fringed sleeve shirts might not fit our horse-like bodies, so maybe we could be humans for a minute, or perhaps the shirts could be made to fit unicorns. this sounds like a greatttt dayyy!!!

Here is a picture by Devyn.

DM thanks so much ... i had a wonderful time answering these questions.
NP thank you
NPSH yes thank you!


Anonymous November 23, 2008 at 1:46 PM  

hot damn. that is an awesome interview with devyn. i know i would enjoy eating cupcakes and turning into flying unicorns with NPSH because theyre so badass.

im actually tryng to convince her to go to college in portland, so we can see your shows more often. ;)

hellz yesssss!

her mom
(no, for real, this is really her mom.)

Anonymous November 23, 2008 at 1:49 PM  

did i say portland? i meant seattle. yeah, seattle is way cool. my bad.

dev's mom

noel November 23, 2008 at 8:21 PM  


The Spelunkers November 24, 2008 at 11:30 PM  

I'm hella jealz!

your mom