Saturday, November 15

NPSH Tour with the Faint Tour Diary

The tour started on a dreary rainy day in Seattle and it rained all the way to Southern Oregon. Cabin fever sets in quickly under such conditions.

This is Luke's cabin fever face.

The cabin fever was intensified by the fact that the PlayStation in the van kept glitching out and the sound on the TV didn't work. We sat through a silent Yellow Submarine with Pinkerton providing the soundtrack on the stereo. It actually synced-up pretty well at some points. 

When we reached California, the scene changed dramatically into typical sunny warm Cali. It was a great treat for November Seattlites.

Going to California
Skagway Beard Lust
The trailer we were towing had a very appropriate image of a dude with a big beard on it. Luke models NPSH Sunglasses in Burnt Orange.

We cruised on through the sunshine blasting tunes and stopping at some great gas stations.  At one gas station we saw a bunch of fierce looking metal dudes in leather jackets with a van and trailer and we knew that they were in a band. Liam asked them if they were in a band on tour and they were! We all LOL'd to find out that they were on tour with DANZIG and they were called SKELETONWITCH. That is very metal. 

This is Josh, official NPSH driver and merch man. Josh models NPSH Sunglasses in Electric Hot Pink.

This gas station was entirely hunting-themed. Look how loyal that dog looks. 

Claire gets some coffee to try to stay sane in the van. They also sold fun novelty fart powder, but we didn't go there.

We arrived at our first show on campus at Sac State in Sacramento and drove around looking for a big bus with a trailer. We eventually found it and knew that the Faint must be inside. When we walked in the Faint was sound checking and holyyymolyyy it was loud and lights flashing and aahhH! So rad. 


They had lots of goodies for us! Meat nestled cozily on a warm blanket of green lettuce. Thanks!


It was a fun show and we met a bunch of coolpeeps after. They got down with NPSH sunglasses. Wassup yall??

They gave us pizzas. Luke labeled them so we wouldn't be confused. VEGITABLES UNBELIEVABLE! (Yes, even NPSH misspells vegetables sometimes). 

Onward we traveled the short distance to beautiful San Francisco. We got there early to hang out near the waterfront area but we couldn't find a place to park our big van and trailer without paying a million dollars. There was one nearly empty lot for $12, but we had to pay for two spots and the attendant said "PAY ME $25 RAARGH." We were like, yo first of all, your lot is almost empty, cut us a break, and secondly your math is whack. So we just cruised to the Warfield and parked it for the day. We walked to the mall nearby which was so totally insane. I've never seen a busier mall. Way over-stimulation. Shaun bought nice makeup on Lovefoxxx's recommendation and Liam bought a Hello Kitty alarm clock.  


The Warfield is probably (one of) the nicest venue(s) we've played at. Like I mean, everyone was so nice there. The staff weren't the typical disgruntled metalheads who act like there is this VERY IMPORTANT THING THAT THEY'RE URGENTLY MISSING by being at the venue, but instead were very friendly. 


This guy wanted Shaun to email him this picture. At one point before we went onstage he confronted a guy who tried to get backstage. The hooligan bolted past him and homie got up and chased after him yelling "STOP THAT MAN! RAAAH!!!" I think they eventually stopped that man, but not after causing a big commotion amongst the backstagers. Thanks for doing your job, man.

Sup homie?

This is us having a debate over the set list for SF. 

Shaun's stage station. Faint + Dr Doom + Faint.

Luke's stage station. More lists.



Oh, did I mention that the Warfield is really beautiful? Those of you that have been there know what I am talking about. And what a juxtaposition it is between inside and the streets outside.


Backstage we met up with Sydney who is the costume designer/stylist referenced in SPIN! Now you know. She helped with Liam's makeup, below:


The catering was amazing. They had many varieties of cake and pie. mmmm...


Liam also met with his twin, Trent.



That night we got some sushi, and then headed back on the road for the daunting 12-14 hour drive to Portland, Oregon. After about 3 hours of sleep, we were a little crazy, but nonetheless determined to bring it to the great people of Portland because we knew they would bring it too. And they did.


Backstage at the Roseland we found that we shared a dressing room with Brian Wilson's signature. Could we really have stayed in the same room as Brian Wilson??? That would be mondo cool. Claire had this pic taken to commemorate:
Brian Wilson 4 real??

The Faint kicked out the jams that night, and we also played with a cool young PDX band called Southern Belle. That night was nice because we could sleep-in the next morning as Seattle was only a mere 3 hours away. We always manage to get amazing breakfast in Portland, and this time was no exception. We went to Gravy. So delish!

The next night we were really excited because we were playing the Showbox in Seattle. I think we had all dreamed of someday playing the Showbox, and it was finally coming true. 


It never gets old seeing the Faint night after night. I was constantly amazed. If you get a chance to see them, please do! 


Backstage we shot some photos in a bid to get Pepsi to sponsor us. Hey Pepsi?


Luke Dancing Backstage to THE FAINT
This is Luke dancing side/backstage to the Faint.

This is Claire and Luke dancing side/backstage to the Faint.


It was a pretty happy night to live out one of our dreams. 

The next morning, however, was not too fun. We had to wake up at 5AM after another 3-hours-of-sleep night to make it to Missoula, Montana to bring the rock in our last show with the Faint. Sleeping in the van helped a little.


It's true, they call it "The Big Sky State" for a reason.


I must say, I really didn't know what to expect from Montana. We had never played there and surprisingly with all their years, neither had the Faint. Aside from being let down by the prospect of getting a large juicy Montana steak, Missoula was a very pleasant surprise. There were tons of people there and they were just as ready as any to dance their asses off.  



It was a lil smaller venue and the Faint put on one of their best shows that I've seen. So much energy and lights and video and dancing and fat fat bass and squelching synths! Ahh!


It was really nice getting to know the Faint and their crew, all of whom are extremely nice. We feel really lucky! Thanks guys! And thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! We had a bLaSt. After the show it was time to sleep and head back to Seattle... but not before a few last pictures...





Sierra November 16, 2008 at 5:41 PM  

Ah, the Alaska trailer!
It is as epic as imagined.

The Spelunkers November 16, 2008 at 5:44 PM  

i love the warfield...

--the lone wolf

Alana November 16, 2008 at 6:29 PM  

i want that panda blanket AND come back to Sacramento now