Sunday, December 28

Last Night

...was so amazing! Thanks for going crazy and showin us the love! You are the bessst. Sorry if you got squashed or anything. I think it was a big success though! Thanks for bringing cans and cookies! The cookies I saw were amazing!!! Hope they were tasty. The cans of food will be donated to NW Harvest and the cookies were already donated to your stomachs. Also your holiday attire was very very nice. Seattle knows how to party. I feel so lucky we have the best fans ever! If you have any photos from the show, feel free to post them on our "fan photos" section of our facebook page: 

Love you, see you next year!



Anonymous December 29, 2008 at 1:30 AM  

the fat bruises are better than a busted lip probly. i am glad shaun did not surf on my face this time. and ya i hope i DO see you next year.