Thursday, December 4

Whoa Technology

This is an LP VINYL RECORD ghetto blaster. I didn't know such a thing ever existed!

How about this one?
MIGHTY MIDAS TOUCH! That is amazing.

This one is your own personal disco dance party:

You might recognize it from a certain Madonna video???

Snap! I know iPods are sexy, but it's really hard to compete with some of these.

Check out more wicked boomboxes at the online Boombox Museum.

I want like a wall of these onstage as guitar amps. That would be raddddd.


Nick P. December 5, 2008 at 2:46 PM  

Apparently they make ghetto blasters for ipods too!

As this is my first post, also want to say that I love the album! I hope you guys make a video or remix or at least a commemorative plate for L.A. Noir. I absolutely love that song!