Monday, June 15

Our east coast adventure is nearing an end! Only like a week left. We are done with our Baltimore and Boston rounds and they were both great. We ate at the coooolest restaurant in Baltimore called Paper Moon the first time we played, then we tried to go back the second time but it was CLOSED! Probably due to power outages from the crazy random storm that happened that day. But we ate some delicious food from Trinidad instead.

And we just got back from Boston today, where we played and stayed last night. We <3 Boston! Our Sound d00d Brian went to College there so he showed us the sights.

NPSH Coast to Coast

There are a couple more Boston pix on flickr if you care to look.

We had today off and tomorrow off too, so we took the opportunity to hang with Liam's fam and also get Shaun's head staples out.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Shaun had to get staples in his head? Our bad. That's just because we have lots of video footage of the ordeal, and we don't won't to spoil your appetite. It will be a tale better told visually.

Love, Us


Shay June 18, 2009 at 10:19 AM  

davids hair is loong