Wednesday, July 29

Perfect Summer Day

Today was pretty much the quintessential summer day. Woke up a little before noon, and headed to QA for an annual baseball game among friends, dubbed The Midsummer Classic. It was about 95 degrees outside, but we stuck it out and battled in a fierce clash of leather on wood on dirt on air on leather. Our team was clearly the underdogs but we fought well. The final score was something like 19 to 24 and we made it almost 9 innings, until Liam (pitching) started to play "Liamball" where he would throw such bad pitches that we would swing at terrible pitches and get bad hits or strike out.


NUMBER 1!!!!!!!

photos by Chona Kasinger and David Skyes, respectively

THEN, we all went to the lake and went swimming. It felt sooo good. To top it all off we had pizza and slurpees on the beach as the sun set behind us. Surely a beautiful day.