Tuesday, November 10

Ah, the wonders of chess

As you may or may not know, Shaun and I really like chess. We haven't being playing as much recently but having seen all this, i'm inspired to start back up again. These are a couple of the more extreme aspects of chess and what it's inspired.

Chess - Weezer (Let this play out while you look at the blog, it'll set the mood)

Chess Boxing is something Shaun told me about a while ago. I'm assuming this sport came after the Wu-Tang Clan, thus disproving the mystery of it. If you don't know what i'm talking about, then i recommend you educate yourself on arguable one of the top ten hip-hop albums ever.

WARNING: they do smack each other around a lot it this. Just a heads up. Also, turn the volume down or off on this vid so the song can still play out.

Considering my games usually take about 45 min, this kinda blows my mind.

Yay for chess! Yay for tuesday!