Monday, November 16

Go Forth y'all

Have you noticed that the current Levi's TV commercials are awesome? What a refreshingly different campaign. Some poetry by Walt Whitman, read by Walt Whitman, fire, explosions, love, youth, not youth, America. Doesn't sound all that different, except for the poetry, but I dunno... it's a beautiful little "film." And it's rare for something sandwiched between closeup footage of tiny burgers and car insurance talking heads to make me feel something. This is where advertising transcends promotion and becomes... well, art, I guess (sort of).

Here's the "America (Go Forth)" spot
I like it.
Did Walt wear Levi's?

p.s. I watched a good movie on the plane about advertising, inspiration, and creativity as told by some of the legends behind some of the most well-known ad campaigns of all time, like the "Just Do It," "Got Milk," and iPod silhouette ads. The film is called Art & Copy if you're interested. It's actually pretty punk rock.