Monday, November 2

LDN Day 2

Oct 12th, 2009 (London, The Flower Pot)

I got up around 10am and went on a journey to go find porridge and try to figure out the difference between that and oatmeal. It didn't take me long to find it but i still don't know what the difference is. After breakfast, we grabbed all our gear and hopped on the tube to head off to The Flower Pot in Camden. We made an agreement with the backline company so they would take all our personal equipment and keep it with the gear we were renting because we were renting the exact same thing for four days straight, which was a life saver. The green room at The Flower Pot was the manager's flat upstairs so it was really cool. All they asked of us was to not draw any penises on the wall. We got our rental gear and set our stuff up, we went out to have our first pub meal which was amazing although we had to scarf it down so we could get back to sound check. We finished sound checking and headed off to the Camden locks to wander around the awesome market that was there. If i lived in Camden i would go there every day. There was good food, cool clothes and anything else you could possibly think of they sold there but most importantly, I’ve never seen so many good shoe stores in a row. We walked around there and got a little tour of where Amy Whinehouse likes to party then we headed back to the venue. We got back about an hour before we were supposed to go on and there may have been 10 people there, but one of those people was one of our good friends Travis from the States who I hadn’t seen in a couple months. We hung out with him playing apples to apples (for those of you who don't know what Apples to Apples is, check it out!!!) in the flat upstairs until it was time for us to play the show. We walked downstairs and were blown away by how many people showed up in the last 45 minutes cause the club had filled up a lot since we last looked down there. It was a fun show because the audience was dancing the whole time and actually got into it. I had a few instrumental issues with my rental gear, but that just happens whenever you rent stuff so no surprise there. We ended up hanging out at the club for a couple of hours just enjoying being in London and to be honest, i was still a bit in awe that we were actually playing in London. We called it a little bit of an early night so we could get up early for an interview the next day.

P.S. This has nothing to do with anything but it's pretty cool. My only questing is, what is she supposed to be?


TimH November 4, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

hmm, not sure --- the chick from Dee-Lite?