Wednesday, November 25

Said the man to the lady, "GIMME ALL YOUR PIXIES WRISTBANDS!"

A few days ago I TWEETED about the intense war happening in my head over which Pixies song off of Doolittle to vote for them play on Jimmy Fallon for his website. In the end, the battle was so fierce that all the songs died at the hands of each other and I simply didn't vote. But fortunately, the rest of the public ended up picking "Hey" which is great because that was in my top 3! Good job general public, thanks for not picking "Here Comes Your Man."

Somebody once told me that I am to NPSH what Kim Deal is to the Pixies, because for one thing we both play bass (even if up until this point mine has only been of the keyboard variety) and because "Ponytail" is our "Gigantic." I thought that was interesting.

Here's another Pixies related story! They played Bumbershoot in 2004 and they ran out of passes pretty quick, but I was fortunate (and early) enough to get one. Then later I was waiting in line for something and this dude came up to me and our conversation went like this:
"I will give you $30 for that wristband"

"it's not for sale"

"COME ON!!! I've been listening to the Pixies since BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!" (which is quite possibly untrue, because he didn't look that old, and I was technically alive for about half of their original band life-span)

"Look dude, just because I'm 15 doesn't mean I don't deserve to see the Pixies as much as you. You snooze you lose."

That last part is not actually what I said, instead I made a face like Woah, you're kind of rude. Now I probably wouldn't give it to you even if I didn't want to see the Pixies that bad. And then I shrugged like Sorry, pick on some other 15 year-old. I hope he found a wristband in the end.