Friday, November 20

You are now entering The Twilight Zone

I started watching this show recently. I would have watched this years ago but I always thought it was some corny old tv show that people only watched cause it was ironic. I guess that's true, but on top of being corny it can also be pretty deep (although, I could go for more aliens and less of Hitler and airplanes but I guess at the time that was what was relevant). So while the world is going batty for Twilight, I am here to bring you *The Twilight Zone.*

This is one of the most famous episodes, and it stars none other than William Shatner. There was even a Simpson's Halloween episode based on it, so you know it's good.

Rod Serling, the man behind the awesomeness that is The Twilight Zone:

Robert Pattinson, no connection to The Twilight Zone:

- David