Thursday, December 17

Here's to 20+ years of mostly awesomeness

Fox is going to air a 20th anniversary special on The Simpsons on Jan 14th called THE SIMPSONS 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – IN 3-D! ON ICE!
Apparently it's neither in 3-D or has anything to do with ice.

Growing up i never had cable tv so when my friends would talk about all the shows they watched on cable (Roundhouse, All That, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Are you Afraid of the Dark) all i could ever talk about was The Simpsons (and Pokemon but that's besides the point). I've now accepted that The Simpsons is, and will always be, one my favorite shows of all time. There was actually a time in my life when i could go through an episode guide of the show and there were only about 5-10 episodes that i hadn't seen.

And now a clip of some of the way-too-many-to-name bands that have played on The Simpsons:

If you wanna just watch my two faves skip to these: 4:34 and 5:47.

- David

P.S. Thanks to Liam for supplying the list of shows that i never watched as a child. That kid was literally raised by TV. No joke.

[ed. note: Liam was not literally raised by TV. That would be sad. He is a perfectly well-adjusted individual who enjoys classic children's TV programming as many of us did.]


Sarah December 17, 2009 at 6:27 PM  

I know this is random, but how old are you guys? And when are your birthdays? I was just wondering because I have watched a couple interviews of your band, but no one ever seems to ask you about that.