Wednesday, December 16

Hip-Hop Wednesday

Clipse are one of my favorite hip-hop groups around right now. They are two brothers, Malice and Pusha T, who are from Virginia and who pretty much only rap about selling coke. Thus their style has been dubbed: Coke-Rap. Now i don't really condone drugs but with them i'm okay with it.

They are credited with being one of the first groups to start wearing Bape, and they also have their own clothing line called Playcloths.

recommend listening:

Re-Up Gang Mixtape (Clipse + Sandman + Ab-Liva) - We Got it for Cheap Vol. 2

Clipse - Hell Hath no Fury - 2006

Now here's two awesome songs:

Wamp Wamp (What it do)

Birdman ft. Clipse
(can you find a really young lil wayne in there?)

Pusha T's verse is one of my favorite ever.

(Third Verse)
Pusha T:
Ughhh...Another soul lost
Had to make a shirt match my ox blood colored Porsche
Ughhh...The rims match of course
Blood hit his Timbs it reminded me of them
Glistenin' wrist on chiller
Gun in the same palm a gorgeous killer
I put this on my lord my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla
I past the shore for that shit that made fiends rise from the dead like
At night still found time to kiss my mother
Live like I'm dreamin' kick my feet up
Gun pulled my waist remind me of my demon
So quite ya yappin' fore I get to clappin
And have your body parts mix and matching fella

Ah, that was fun.

- David