Thursday, December 3

The Runaways

This is the cover for the first issue of my Tiger Beat competitor magazine. I'm going to run it a little different than most teen mags, I'm going to make the covers here in the year 2009 with the advantage of Photoshop, and then send them back in time to when the bands were popular. I'm working on the second issue, it will feature .,~*::Leif Garrett::*~,.

JUST KIDDING, this is actually more or less another CSS reblog. I just wanted to state for the record that I TOO am totally excited for THE RUNAWAYS movie! I love Joan Jett. I wish it had a trailer already. I mean, I wish it had a release date, let alone a trailer.

The real point of this blog is just to show off my photoshop collage-ing skills.

I will leave you with an abbreviated evolution of Tiger Beat:

Please write a short essay about it. Or about something. Just write me a short essay, somebody. It can be really short.



Bekah December 4, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Wow, the comparison really reiterates the fact that back then in 1978 there was more meaning... Okay, scratch that. What I am trying to say is, Disney wasn't trying to dominate the young teen world. Which must've been nice. I am slightly scared for our future. But, there is always the chance those kids will smarten up. Less Jo-Bros and all those Disney creations. Does anyone remember when Disney meant Lion King and roller coasters? Does anyone remember 101 Dalmations? The Fox and the Hound? Fantasia? Black and white Mickey mouse? (I have to admit, I wasn't around then, but still..) The days when Disney was animated... Oh to dream a dream.
Heck, I have to say though, if this was 1978, we wouldn't have NPSH. So, that'd be lame. Here's to the future!

VioletBucket December 12, 2009 at 10:09 AM  

In this 3 prompt essay i will point out whats wrong with 14 year old girls and their obsession with Disney channel (I am a 14 year old girl who loves Phineas and fern, but that is beside the point).But, like most young people who are on the webosphere i have better things to do than write an essay. like go on facebook, and twitter, and fml, and procrastinate studying for my midterms.
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