Tuesday, February 16

Happy Belated Weezer Day

2 Days ago was Valentines day, but more importantly it was Weezer's 18th birthday.


From Weezer.com aka Weezer Webmaster/"5th member"/Karl Koch:
"The day of the bands formation has traditionally been recognized as 2/14/92 (Valentines day), but further research some years back showed that the band's very first rehearsal was on 2/15/92."

This is actually great because a couple of bros and I had an awesome Weezer jam yesterday, and we were like "Man, we should have done this on Valentines day because how perfect would that be!" And now I am like "Holy crap we did it on the right day without even knowing, how perfect is that!" (Or I guess since this is a Weezer post I should go ahead and say "How cool is that!")

But it is also actually not great because I always loved that they formed on Valentines day, because if there is one kind of LOVE I love to celebrate, it is Weezer Love. Oh, and regular love I guess.

luke eating a weezer/valentines day cupcake 2007