Friday, February 15

I call this piece "Untitled"

SALUTATIONS from NPSH! We are in the studio. But not just any studio, we are at Jupiter Studios in Seattle! We are working with the great Martin Feveyear. It is our third day here and I think we are all enjoying ourselves. Martin has a dog named Argus. Now, we have met a lot of dogs in this business, and let me tell you, Argus is one of the best. He is very big. He is very quiet. He likes peanut butter. His last name is Fruitypants.

"We have been laying down some guitar and are starting to mix the songs. It's sounding great. " -Luke Smith
This is MARTIN.

This is SHAUN with FRIEND-o

Yesterday was a little holiday, maybe you've heard of it, Weezer's Sweet Sixteen! That's right, it was Weezer's sixteenth birthday. It was also Valentine's day, but Whatevs. I mean Happy Valentine's day everyone! But here's a fact: Pinkerton is my favorite album ever of all time. To celebrate, David listened to every Weezer album in his car while running errands and stuff. He has the UK release of the Green Album. We're not sure why.

Now I would like to let you in on a little band secret. You may be asking yourself how we made it through the long and grueling hours of recording and here is the answer to your queries: PEGGLE! Peggle is a computer game. A really great and addicting computer game. Basically there are two computers in the studio, one for music making and one for Peggle. I am the only certified Peggle master because I actually bought the game, but we're all getting pretty good at it. I am working towards my degree in Grand Peggle Mastery. You can download a trial version on THE INTERNET. We recommend it.

That is all. We love you. Thanks for cleaning up the streets,


Jonbash August 2, 2008 at 10:05 AM  

Aww yeah. Pinkerton is a wonderful, wonderful album; it's definitely in my top few favorite albums of all time.

I miss you guys already. I haven't even known your music for all that long. Just be sure to come up to Bellingham at some point this year.