Monday, July 20

David's Diary

July 13th, 2009 (Spaceland, LA)

We got breakfast at Urth Caffé over on Melrose, which was two or three blocks away from where we were staying. We were planning on meeting up with someone who was gonna show us where all the cool shopping spots were in LA. We started in Silverlake (which is one of my favorite neighborhood in LA) and ended over near Spaceland in Echo Park. Every Monday night at Spaceland they have free shows so they were expecting it to be packed, and from the very beginning, it was. We went on and had the most technical difficulties I think we’ve ever had at a show before. We started off the set and immediately Shaun’s mic stopped working so we had to stop during the first song so we could fix it. The next song, Claire’s bass stopped coming out the front speakers, and apparently, though we didn’t even notice it, the fuses blew for the main speakers so they were off for at least two songs. Luckily, everyone working there and everyone who came out were completely awesome and helped us get through it. Other than the technical difficulties it was a really fun show though. Andy Clockwise was super rad and so were Hey Champ. We packed all our gear up then had to leave right after the show to go to sleep so we could get up at 7am to film two songs for Fuel TV.


Christopher July 21, 2009 at 12:04 AM  

The show at Spaceland was one of the best shows ever. My two friends and I were in front of Claire and despite the difficulties you guys had everyone dancing. Thanks for playing and my friends and I can't wait till you come back to visit LA again! Oh, I feel like the shit too when I wear my NPSH sunglasses!