Friday, October 23

I have a disposable camera with only 3 pictures taken on it that would be one of the worst things in the world to lose right now. I can't take pictures outside of the house! It's too dangerous!
These pictures relate to a little band called Weezer that happens to be my favorite band in the world and we just happen to have opened for them the other night. Not a big deal. In other news it was opposite day for that last sentence.

I made freaking Weezer cookies the day Make Believe came out. This is a picture of them.

sooo yeah.

I'm sorry I can't think of much to blog right now, but you all look a bit neglected :( I will try to hook up my scanner today and feed you some pictures for dinner.


David October 25, 2009 at 3:20 PM  

One of my earliest and fondest memories of you is bring those cookies and playing Make Believe in it's entirety in class.

Also Weezer valentines.

FYI, Claire makes AWESOME valentines.